Social/Entertainment and
Discount when buying both.

A website for "climbers" of any type!! Social, Mountain and Entertainers are some examples of people who fall into the group of ambitious "climbers".
There are so many social benefits available in the UK and other countries and discovering what is available could take a long time. This is an ideal opportunity to gather all the information and provide a comprehensive service in one location. 
I have exciting ideas for this site and would welcome being involved in what I believe could be a real money spinner. Buy it outright or try offering 10% up front as explained on the Home Page. 
Really obvious what this site is intended to provide. Dating online is so popular and necessary that the numbers involved would produce a high income. 
Adult entertainment site that needs no more explanation. Let your mind run wild! 
Again, no need to explain the content and target market. Could be restricted to one geographic region or cover the whole world. Immense commercial potential through subscriptions and selling products. 
A social network site or chatroom would be appropriate themes but possibilities are not restricted to these two alone.
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