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The Metaverse is Coming!!

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being expanded into all aspects of life as we know it. As developments progress within digitally constructed environments , social media, shopping and gaming etc related websites will evolve beyond our present universe.
This pioneering is so great that on 18th October 2021 Facebook was reported as going to create 10,000 jobs in the EU to help build the "metaverse".
Facebook has since rebranded itself as Meta.
Get  ahead and join this revolution and buying one or more of these Names. (short for MetaVerseUnlimited) (short for MetaVerseTechnology) (short for VirtualRealityMetaVerseShop) (short for VirtualRealityMetaVerseStore) (short for VirtualRealityMetaVerseUSA} (short for VirtualRealityMetaVerseWork) (short for (short for (short for (short for (short for (short for (short for (short for (short for

VR below stands for VirtualReality
(Buy One Get One Free)
(All Day Long)
(End Of Day/Duty)
(Call To Action)
(Edo - 1603-1868 in Japan)

Domains related to the Neom development in the Middle East


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 An exciting Golf Competition and associated Domain Name with potential for sponsorship advertising and sale of merchandise.

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