The finance and business opportunities.
For lawyers and attorneys perhaps? 
There is a First Bank in Colorado and Nigeria and probably many more. Surely one of you offer finance! and 
Sites for secondhand goods to be traded. 
Internet search engine concentrating on the Chinese Web.  Reliable financial experience and this Name promises these. 
Projects honesty and clear transactions. 
Any activity that involves adding up can be related to "Totting". Accountants do this often although it is rather less tedious than in the past. Yes, it's adding up many numbers. They find the totals. So, Tottings are an intregral part of their world and business in general. Everyone, from the customer in the restaurant to the oil mogul, will be interested in the results of totting up the numbers. You can harness that interest and use it how you like by purchasing the Domain Name. 
Taking over from the Small Ads in newspapers the Internet is an ideal vehicle for letting many people know what you have to sell. But Wanted Adverts is envisaged as being a platform where clients can not only display items they want to sell but also list items they wish to purchase. Develop this site for a 10% purchase of the Name and you taking 90% of the nett revenue generated. & & 
The world of motoring is changing. In some countries faster than others, but undoubtedly we are leading towards the eradication of the petrol and diesel engine for transportation. Be at the forefront of this revolution. Discount for buying all 3. 
Get the seat you really want onboard to avoid cramped fights, next to the loo or galley. Associated advertising for holidays, flights, airport lounges etc is extensive. Hence, a profitable site to own.

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