Cap D'Agde is a very popular tourist destination on the south-west coast of France. Apart from the availability of the normal delights of French produce, Cap D'Agde, I believe, is also the site of the largest concentration of naturists in the world. as a website would be the ideal access to this huge market. Development as a multilingual site would perhaps maximise the impact of this exciting website opportunity. 

Din Si would mean television in Chinese so could have relevance to that particular media form. is a top performer for traffic. The interest in this Name is mostly from China. Gachin is in the Soghan Rural District, Kerman Province, Iran and in 2006 it had a population of 573. Gachin Rural District is in the Central District of Bandar Abbas County, Iran. There have been links to mining and industry in the area.

Ideal for someone or business called H.K.Chan or perhaps a resident of Hong Kong called Chan? 

Perhaps a magazine title or an activity with relevance to Hong Kong or the colour red? 

Sun Sam is "confidence" in Chinese so can be related to business and as China has an enormous population and an expansionist outlook, this would be a very popular name for the Asian geographic area. 

Anyone for a glass of wine? Even non-French speakers will know the focus of this website. Wine sales throughout the world are huge and this unique Domain is ready for someone to access its potential. It does not have to be a startup, a complementary site or rebranding are also appropriate.
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